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Welcome to Beckman Coulter's Electronic Quality Assurance Programs

Compare the performance of multiple instruments within a single institution or across an entire network of institutions.

Beckman Coulter’s hematology Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP) is a web-based program that complements your laboratory’s quality control process. The program helps you maximize your lab’s QC error detection by comparing your results to those of other laboratories running the same lot number of controls. These programs provide an effective, practical resource to submit quality control data and promptly receive your laboratory’s IQAP reports.

The Hematology IQAP and the Flow Cytometry IQAP programs are mobile optimized for easy access and available online, providing your laboratory with a cost effective and practical QC solution.

Enable Advanced Performance with Personalized Data Evaluation

Receive a personalized Data Evaluation page for each submitted data set. The page displays instrument statistics based performance matrix graphs with alert notes for any system detected performance irregularities.

Ensure Optimal System Performance

As pioneers in hematology, we know that being a leading healthcare provider requires leading hematology solutions. Beckman Coulter offers a full line of hematology analyzers with award-winning service and support to meet laboratory needs.


Customers with Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Hematology instrumentation configured with our reagents and using our controls and calibrators are eligible for this program. The Hematology IQAP program allows users of Coulter 6C Cell Control, Coulter 6C Plus Cell Control, DxH 500 Series Control, Coulter 5C Cell Control, Coulter 4C Plus Cell Control, Coulter 4C ES Cell Control, AcT 5diff Control Plus, Coulter Retic-C Control, Coulter Retic-X Control and Coulter Body Fluid Control to obtain peer group comparison reports for their laboratory’s quality control data. Additionally, the Hematology IQAP program provides data entry forms and reports for Lin-X and Body Fluid Linearity Controls.


The Beckman Coulter Cytometry IQAP program is a peer comparison program that is offered to users of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences BCI Cytometry controls and calibrators worldwide. The Cytometry IQAP program allows users to obtain peer group comparison reports for their laboratory’s quality control data.