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IQAP Alert!

IQAP has updated documents available at the Resources tab on your Hematology eIQAP webpage. The IQAP Brochure has been updated and we have added the Hematology Quality Control Guide. The new Hematology Quality Control Guide replaces the previous IQAP Troubleshooting and QC Concepts documents with more up to date information and references. Please access these documents from your Hematology eIQAP webpage to view, print or save them for your reference. Thank you for choosing Beckman Coulter Hematology.

Beckman Coulter IQAP would like express our appreciation to our Laboratory Professionals.

You are an integral part in providing improved patient care. Thank you for your commitment to quality results.

Happy Laboratory Professionals Week from Beckman Coulter IQAP.




Welcome to Beckman Coulter's Electronic Quality Assurance Programs

Beckman Coulter's Electronic Quality Assurance Programs are web-based programs that complement your laboratory's quality control process. These programs provide an easy and efficient method to submit quality control data and promptly receive your laboratorys IQAP reports. The Hematology Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP), the Chemistry Interlaboratory Data Reduction Program (QAP), and the Flow Cytometry IQAP program are available online, providing your laboratory with a cost effective and practical QC solution.


Customers with Hematology instrumentation configured with Beckman Coulter reagents and using Beckman Coulter controls and calibrators are eligible for this free program. The Hematology IQAP program allows users of Coulter 6C Cell Control, Coulter 5C Cell Control, Coulter 4C Plus Cell Control, Coulter 4C ES Cell Control, AcT 5diff Control Plus, Coulter Retic-C Control, Coulter Retic-X Control and Coulter Body Fluid Control to obtain peer group comparison reports for their laboratory’s quality control data. Additionally, the Hematology IQAP program provides data entry forms and reports for Lin-C, Lin-X and Body Fluid Linearity Controls.


The Beckman Coulter Cytometry IQAP program is a peer comparison program that is offered to users of BCI Cytometry controls and calibrators worldwide. The Cytometry IQAP program allows users to obtain peer group comparison reports for their laboratory’s quality control data.


The monthly Interlaboratory Data Reduction Program, offered by Beckman Coulter for Chemistry and Immunodiagnostics, enhances the routine daily internal quality control performed by the laboratory. The program is Beckman Coulter control material based and accepts data from most clinical analyzers. The programs emphasis is on the grouping of laboratories by analyte, method principle and analytical system to provide meaningful monthly comparisons to each group. The data input is easy to complete and the reports are comprehensive and easy to understand. You can participate in the Beckman Coulter electronic Interlaboratory Data Reduction Program (eQAP) for Chemistry and Immunodiagnostics. eQAP is a web-based program that provides a fast and easy method of electronically submitting data to QAP.

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